Sunday, July 19

A Stop in Tokyo

What I love most about traveling is the silly laughable moments over language barriers.  I was sitting in Tokyo’s airport waiting for a flight when a woman came up to me from the Japanese Tourism committee.  She spoke very little English but wanted my opinion on a survey to improve Japanese tourism.  She tried to read the survey to me, but instead we went through the English version of survey together.  As I circled my own answers, we arrived at one question that asked what was my best experiences in Japan.  One response was “Japanese Cuisine” – I circled it twice and drew a smiley face next to it.  The woman laughed out loud and we shared our favourite Japanese food.  Of the 6 words I know in Japanese, one is oyshi (delicious).  She squealed and we beamed together as we completed the survey.  I received a free pink pen.  Laughter and smiles go a long way despite the difference in tongue.

It’s nothing significant or prodigious, but it’s these little silly moments that keep me smiling and loving the human race.


  1. Ok I'm trying to post a comment. Don't you find that you could be so far away, but you will share moments with someeone that makes you feel like you are home.

  2. i'm guessing that's you, mommy :) love you!