Wednesday, May 26

What I Will Miss About the Desh...

15.) Bargaining for clothes (well, I'll miss Saba and Dola bargaining FOR me).
14.) You can mix and match every color/pattern/neon and it will somehow look good.
13.) It is completely normal to have a live-in maid with breakfast ready when you wake up.
12.) Wearing bindis/teeps (definitely NOT the orna).
11.) Every day is Thanksgiving: tons of food laid out on the table in 20 different bowls and everyone shares.
10.) Really good dhal (lentils), tomato bhorta (mash) and faluda (indescribable).
9.) You go out with only 2 friends then you wind up with 20 somewhere on a roof with spontaneous singing.
8.) Mango and litchi season (my sweet tooth believes this is heaven).
7.) Strangers call each other mama (uncle), apu (sister), bondhu (friend).
6.) The soothing voice of the muezzin's adhan (call-to-prayer) from the mosjid on Road 6/A.
5.) Each and every meeting/visit/class begins with cha (tea) and mishti (sweets).
4.) Dhanmondi Lake, 'Kamala Buli's ship house,' and our Road 4/A Chomotkar Basha.
3.) Everyone takes off their shoes as often as possible.
2.) Saba, Dola, Abdul, Fahim, Emy, Diya, Parvez, Sayaka, Kyungai, Hia, Dipali, Lucy, Pappa, Shilpi, Zahir, Eva, Regina, Feline, Liza, Bokul, Runa, Jaganmoy, Nayeem, Sujan, Emi, Rumi, Sam, Saad, Sara, Rahib, Samdina, Nupur, Pakhi ... did I mention Saba?
1.) Simply: the Bang's rawness.

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