Thursday, July 9

God is Great

Finishing up my last few days of logistics, I decided to apply for my India visa here in the US (hoping for less hassle).  I am visiting some old classmates in Kolkata for some holidays, especially the Durga Puja in October :)

Waiting on line to apply for a visa, I wound up chatting with an interesting man from Hyderabad.  Talking about our families and careers, he shared that he is currently a financial adviser, teaching people to become financially independent.  I asked what his biggest piece of advice was and he said the first step to becoming financially independent is to know what you want.  Interesting, huh?

So standing on this visa line, there are twenty signs of Incredible !ndia.  We started discussing the different states we've visited in India.  He was describing Kerala then stopped, remembering the grandeur.  I agreed, that there were too many words to describe the beauty of India and he responded that the US is the same: "My wife and I are trying to go to Alaska, I hear it's...stunning."

There we were: two people of different birthplaces, loving the other's native country.  I wondered if our desire for the other country was heightened by being in the presence of a native.  But then he said it as perfect as possible, "God is great." It's not about nationality, it's being part of something greater and appreciating it. 

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