Friday, May 15


Picture this:
Bangladesh is approximately the size of Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont (roughly 54 sq mi).
Bangladesh has the population of est. 150 million people.
In comparison, picture every person east of the Mississippi River (excluding FL) living in an area the size of MN, NH, and VT.

With this description, can you understand the meaning of this quote:

"Bangladesh is like a blind man searching for a black cat in a dark room."
- Azfar, former zealot turned pundit, musician and philosopher

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  1. This was not the first time I've read your statement of purpose. However, I can, with 1000% accuracy, tell you that the few minutes it took to read it taught me more about Bangladesh than I've learned in my entire life, or, probably would ever learn. I can also tell you that I believe in your ability to change the world more than I believe in most things. It's a foregone conclusion at this point.

    This is where I called you and lost my train of thought. Thank you for being my yoda in addition to your superwoman duties ;) <3